Bookmobile – Reading Entertainment for All Ages

The Western Plains Library’s Bookmobile is a library on wheels. It’s open to all residents of all ages and runs through Leedey, Camargo and Vici on most Thursdays. It’s in Vici today until 2:35 pm. See the full July schedule below. On Tuesday, July 18th they’ll be hosting an Adult Cooking Class at 6:30 pm at Camargo Fire Department – Death By Chocolate. Visit or call 580-323-0974 for more info.

Bookmobile July

Historic Katy Depot Seeks Volunteers


Above, the engine painted on the north wall of the Katy Depot.

The year was 1912. The railroad had just come to Vici, Oklahoma. Close your eyes and imagine the sounds of the Missouri-Texas-Kansas MKT (Katy) Depot. Steam hisses from an engine. A train whistles. A bell clangs. A Model T engine, only in its 4th year of production, cranks. It’s possible a horses nicker or clip clop of hooves could still be heard.
The Katy’s first freight and passenger agent was W.H. Herren, cousin of Walter W. Roan. Roan was agent at Vici for forty years, from January 1931 through January 1971. Earl Cramer was the agent at the time of closing in 1971.
For many years after 1931 there were two passenger trains through Vici each day, handling US Mail and Railway Express. There were two local freight trains running each direction each day hauling carload and LCL freight plus extra freight trains. These local trains moved refrigerated cars three days per week moving fresh meat and cream directly to buyers.
The Katy Depot closed in 1971 but still stands on Houser Street between 7th and 8th Streets.
In 1998 a group of people, including Dewayne Brown, made a museum of the depot. Charter members of the Katy Historical Site included Joe Krows, Everett Hutchens, Pam Hughen, Don Mann, Al Jones, Mick Young, Niles Young, Dewayne Brown, Gayle Hunter, Charles Shaw, Sherrill White, Lavertta Kinney, Charlene White (Belew), Jettie McIntosh (Belew), Arnold Sweet, Leslie White, Illa Gregory, George Harbison, Pat Kelley Baker, David Clem, Margaret Pickering, Alta M Evans, Nevin D Westenhaver, Jan Trimble, Virginia (Speck) Roundtree, Zak & Bill Key, Sherman Pierson, Marvin & Nelda Tebow, Bruce Seidel, and Rob Ritchie.
Locals were invited to house historic artifacts inside the depot for the enjoyment of residents and visitors to the Town of Vici. On a recent visit, I spotted a wooden wall telephone, local livestock brands, MKT stove, railroad lanterns, an adding machine, piano, Chet Spake’s (local telephone company owner) pole spikes, and old MKT desk, a train painted on the wall inside the depot and many, many more items.
Artifacts can be found outside as well, including horse drawn farm equipment, a caboose, and other items.
Interest in the depot has ebbed and flowed over the years. However, the preservation of the depot and the artifacts inside are in dire need of interest. Interest to preserve the structure, interest to preserve the artifacts, interest to preserve the very history of this Town of Vici.
Contact Dewayne Brown at (580) 995-4758 if you would like to help. The need for help includes cleaning, structural repairs, and more.
Do you have a memory from the Katy Depot or from other times throughout Vici’s history? The Vici Vision would like to hear from you. Contact us by phone at (580)995-3425, by email at or by mail at PO Box 2, Vici OK 73859.
Here are a couple of depot memories relayed to me by my own family.
My grandpa, Delbert Vaughan, along with Dychie Dewayne Turner and Arthur Fasauer boarded the train at Katy Depot when they left for World War II.
My grandparents, Delbert and Evelynn Vaughan, boarded the train at Katy Depot in Vici and traveled to Wichita Falls, TX on their honeymoon in August 1945.


VICI VISION Classifieds – Online

Vici Vision Cropped

For Sale: Hay

Bermuda, Bluestem, Alfalfa and Wheat Hay for sale


For Sale: Trailers

6×18′ Full Top Gooseneck Stock Trailer $1500

26′ Gooseneck Aluminum Stock Trailer $18,000

Like New 7 Bale Hay Hound Trailer $4200


Garage Sale:

Foley’s Annual Garage Sale has Moved to Boiling Springs Estates #27. Watch for signs. A lot of good stuff. Could not get it all in the house. May 26, 27, 28. 40×60 shed full of stuff!

Garage Sale:

Vici’s Town-wide Garage Sale June 10th, Vici Craft Show, Flea Market and Town-wide Yard Sales. Craft Show at City Hall 9:00 am – 3:00 pm. Flea Market and Yard Sales 8:00 am to 2:00 pm. Maps at quick stops and city hall. Call Nancy Lawrence at 580-334-6768

Help Wanted:

Town of Vici Nursing Home is currently accepting applications for CNA, Dietary and Housekeeping positions. We offer benefits and flexibility! Come by 619 Speck in Vici to apply today.

Mobile Homes for Sale:

Limited time only! New 2 bed 2 ba $29,900 3 bed 2 ba $32,900. During our made in the shade sale, up to $4000 in Lowes gift cards and free statewide delivery. 405-262-3900

Storm Ready Reminders


The most important things to remember are:

  • GET IN – If you are outside, get inside. If you’re already inside, get as far into the middle of the building as possible.
  • GET DOWN – Get underground if possible. If you cannot, go to the lowest floor possible.
  • COVER UP – Flying and falling debris are a storm’s number one killer. Use pillows, blankets, coats, helmets, etc to cover up and protect your head and body from flying debris.

Are You Storm Ready? 

First…is your storm shelter rid of creepy crawlies you would rather not share your space with?

Now is the time evict them.

Here is a basic list to help you be storm ready.

At the very least have

* A light source, candles, flash light and plenty of extra batteries etc.

*Any medications you can’t go without

*First aid kit

* Water.

Other items you might want to have stored in your storm shelter


* A 3-day supply of water

(one gallon per person per day), food that won’t spoil and a can opener

* One change of clothing and footwear per person

* One blanket or sleeping bag per person

* Emergency tools

* Portable radio

* Battery-powered NOAA Weather Radio

* Special items for infant, elderly, or disabled family members.

* Keep ready an extra set of car keys, a credit card and/or cash.


Do you have an Emergency Plan?

Go over your emergency plan with your family

Public Storm Shelters are located in Vici below City Hall at 106 West Broadway and at the Town of Vici Maintenance Facility at 207 5th Street.

Weather radios are a great warning device and can be programmed to go off in which ever counties you choose.

This way you won’t be woken up by warnings that do not include your area.

Pay attention to weather reports, even if you feel it wont affect us, storms can fire up quickly and take you off guard.

A Watch means the conditions are right for possible severe weather in our area

A Warning means a tornado or funnel cloud has been spotted.

Be prepared and stay safe!

Vici’s Newest Business Opened Today- “The Body Shop” is a Women Only Fitness Center

Cropped Body Shop

Dana Cunningham says “The Body Shop” has been six years in the making, but her dream of a place for women to take care of themselves physically and mentally has come to fruition. Visit The Body Shop’s grand opening  today, May 4th, until 6:00 pm or tomorrow, May 5th, from 10:00 am to 6:00 pm. The Body Shop is located at 721 Main Street in Vici and offers toning tables, tanning, sauna, and fitness equipment. Massages are available by appointment.


District Baseball & Softball This Week

Spring Playoff Schedules

District Spring Baseball Tourney April 20-21 at Vici High School

Admission $5.00 Students $5.00

Day 1

Game 1 – 1:00 pm Sharon-Mutual vs Buffalo

Game 2 – 3:00 pm Vici vs Loser Game 1

Game 3 – 5:00 pm Vici vs Winner Game 1

Day 2

Game 4 – 2:00 pm if one team has one loss and one team has no losses, they play.

Game 5 – 4:00 pm if necessary


Game 4 – 2:00 pm if all teams have one loss, Sharon-Mutual vs Buffalo

Game 5 – 4:00 pm Winner Game 4 plays Vici

District Spring Softball Tourney April 20 at Shattuck High School

Game 1 – 1:00 Fargo-Gage-Ft. Supply vs Vici

Game 2 – 2:30 Shattuck vs Loser of Game 1

Game 3 – 4:00 Winner Game 1 vs Shattuck

Game 4 – 5:30 If one team has one loss and one team has no losses they play

Game 5 If Necessary

*If all teams have one loss after game 3, Team B plays Team C.

The winner will play Team A

Softball & Baseball Tournaments Scheduled to Start Tomorrow – See Brackets Attached

The Arnett Softball Tournament is scheduled to start tomorrow. In the past, Vici has co-hosted this tourney, this year it will all be at Arnett. Vici will start Thursday with a 12:30 pm game against the Canute Trojanettes. Vici games available online at

Arnett SB Tournament

The Merrifield Baseball Tournament in Enid is also scheduled to start tomorrow. In pool play at NOC’s field, Vici will play Drummond at 4:00 pm and Timberlake at 6:00 pm on Thursday. Friday’s games are also pool play where Vici will take on Chishom at 10:00 am and Kremlin at 12:00 pm at David Allen Park. Merrifield Tourn

Town of Vici workers have been busy with spring maintenance over the last couple of weeks. Each year they ready the Town of Vici for Alumni and Easter Weekend. Join in the effort to spruce up our community tomorrow morning, Saturday, April the 8th at 9:00 am. Bring your gloves and join the Lions Club, they will meet in the alley beside B-Mart to pass out trash bags and safety vests and divide into groups. Or, just pick an area and pick up trash. Thanks in advance for helping make our community trash free!


Spring blooms are everywhere in Vici – lilacs, iris, pansies, violas and even some rose bushes are in bloom.


Maintenance & Blooms Signal Springtime