District Baseball & Softball This Week

Spring Playoff Schedules

District Spring Baseball Tourney April 20-21 at Vici High School

Admission $5.00 Students $5.00

Day 1

Game 1 – 1:00 pm Sharon-Mutual vs Buffalo

Game 2 – 3:00 pm Vici vs Loser Game 1

Game 3 – 5:00 pm Vici vs Winner Game 1

Day 2

Game 4 – 2:00 pm if one team has one loss and one team has no losses, they play.

Game 5 – 4:00 pm if necessary


Game 4 – 2:00 pm if all teams have one loss, Sharon-Mutual vs Buffalo

Game 5 – 4:00 pm Winner Game 4 plays Vici

District Spring Softball Tourney April 20 at Shattuck High School

Game 1 – 1:00 Fargo-Gage-Ft. Supply vs Vici

Game 2 – 2:30 Shattuck vs Loser of Game 1

Game 3 – 4:00 Winner Game 1 vs Shattuck

Game 4 – 5:30 If one team has one loss and one team has no losses they play

Game 5 If Necessary

*If all teams have one loss after game 3, Team B plays Team C.

The winner will play Team A

Softball & Baseball Tournaments Scheduled to Start Tomorrow – See Brackets Attached

The Arnett Softball Tournament is scheduled to start tomorrow. In the past, Vici has co-hosted this tourney, this year it will all be at Arnett. Vici will start Thursday with a 12:30 pm game against the Canute Trojanettes. Vici games available online at vicivisiontv2.com

Arnett SB Tournament

The Merrifield Baseball Tournament in Enid is also scheduled to start tomorrow. In pool play at NOC’s field, Vici will play Drummond at 4:00 pm and Timberlake at 6:00 pm on Thursday. Friday’s games are also pool play where Vici will take on Chishom at 10:00 am and Kremlin at 12:00 pm at David Allen Park. Merrifield Tourn

Town of Vici workers have been busy with spring maintenance over the last couple of weeks. Each year they ready the Town of Vici for Alumni and Easter Weekend. Join in the effort to spruce up our community tomorrow morning, Saturday, April the 8th at 9:00 am. Bring your gloves and join the Lions Club, they will meet in the alley beside B-Mart to pass out trash bags and safety vests and divide into groups. Or, just pick an area and pick up trash. Thanks in advance for helping make our community trash free!


Spring blooms are everywhere in Vici – lilacs, iris, pansies, violas and even some rose bushes are in bloom.


Maintenance & Blooms Signal Springtime

Unofficial Results including Absentee Ballots place Campbell, Poulson and Peeks with Top Votes

untitled (13)

In unofficial results the top three votes go to Campbell, Poulson and Peeks

Mail           Pct5          Total

Altland                    6                  16             22

Campbell                8                109            117

Poulson                   9                  87              96

Longhofer               9                  61             70

Peeks                       9                  74              83

Dewey County Stock Show Starts Monday


The Dewey County Stock Show will be held Monday, February 20th and Tuesday, February 21st. The schedule is below. If you can’t make it, shows will be streamed online at vicivisiontv.com or seilingvisiontv.com

Monday, February 20

 9:00 AM                             Lamb Lead

10:00 AM                            Meat Goat Show. Does followed by Wethers

                                               Swine Show following completion of Goat Show. Gilts followed by Barrows

Tuesday, February 21

9:00 AM              Sheep Show Ewe lambs followed by market lambs

                             Cattle Show following completion of Sheep Show. Heifers followed by Prospect Steers                                          followed by Market Steers.


Regional Basketball Playoff Brackets

Regional Girls Bracket follows. Vici Girls play Hydro-Eakly Thursday at 1:30 pm. We have been informed by OSSAA that Shattuck School is only able to accommodate one livestream and it will not be vicivisiontv.com  We will post information on who is allowed to stream the games as soon as that information is available.




Regional Boys Bracket follows. Vici Boys play Shattuck Thursday at 3:00 pm. We have been informed by OSSAA that Shattuck School can only accommodate one livestream and it will not be vicivisiontv.com. We will post information on who is allowed to stream the games as soon as that information is available.